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A new digital presence for Paris based copywriter Harley Boden
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Harley Boden is a copywriter working & living in Paris working in English mostly for French brands - Clients spanning across hotels, beauty brands, food and beverage.


The overall project aim was to provide Harley with a portfolio that not only performed well but was more of an accurate representation of him. The website needed to be easy for him to maintain and with animations included it had to perform well across all devices and browsers. Having clearly defined this in his brief, we got to work.


The design phase involved meticulous crafting of wireframes, with iterative refinements based on Harley’s feedback. One of the overall aims was to replicate some of Harley’s early concepts for the hero animation in Webflow - while ensuring the website’s optimal performance across various devices. Harley can now effortlessly manage and update his content, ensuring the portfolio remains a dynamic representation of his evolving body of work.


Harley Boden


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"George took the time to understand my business, not just what I do but also how my website could best reflect and serve my brand. George's approach was highly collaborative, and he combined his technical expertise with my vision to meet and exceed my expectations. He meticulously handled every aspect of setting up the website, from metatags and SEO to site performance, ensuring that the website was visually appealing and a strong performer in search rankings. What impressed me the most was the development phase and the ongoing support George provided, ensuring that the website continues to meet the evolving needs of my business. His professionalism, attention to detail, and genuine dedication to his work were evident throughout the process."

Harley Boden

Brand Copywriter

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